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The Pooch Pawlor comes to you!  Contact us to schedule a time for our mobile dog grooming van to meet at your Tucson home or place of business, to bring Tucson's best dog grooming services right to your door!  With Kelly's Pooch Pawlor, you get the following benefits:

  • Stress-free grooming at your home or work
  • Environmentally friendly products for your dog's skin
  • The Most Gentle Handling of your dog while in our care

About our Services

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Deluxe Spa Bath and Grooming Pricing

Prices vary depending on the breed, size and condition of the coat. Breed specific charges may apply.
  • Small (up to 20lbs)

  • Medium (21 - 40lbs)

  • Large (40lbs +)



  • Professional assessment of skin and the condition of the coat
  • Bath with coat specific shampoo and conditioner
  • Hydro massage
  • Gentle towel dry
  • Blow out (no cage drying)
  • Brushing of the coat
  • Ears and eyes cleaned
  • Clipping the coat and face
  • Sanitary trim
  • Nail clipping
  • Paw and pads trimmed

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Teeth brushed

  • Nails polished with pet approved polish

  • Flea and Tick Bath

  • Flea and Tick removal and disposal

  • Anal Glands

  • De-matting (per 30 minutes)

  • De-shedding treatment

mobile dog grooming tucson

About the Pooch Pawlor

Our state of the art mobile grooming parlor is equipped to give your pooch the same professional spa experience as any grooming salon. We use only green, environmentally friendly products to pamper your pooch. We come to you—your dog never has to leave home!


Your dog gets our undivided attention from start to finish, enjoying all of the following features:

  • Full size tub with temperature controlled water (water heater) and hydro bath technology, can hold the largest breed with room to spare.
  • Self contained Generator which supplies all the power to operate all of the equipment and operate our Air Conditioning and Heating system.
  • 2 motor high velocity dryer which allows for shorter drying time for your pooch. There are no cages and this is less stressful for your pooch’s grooming experience.
  • Commercial Central Vacuum system to clean up all of the clipped hair.
  • Slide out bridge so that the groomer never has to lift a large breed dog in or out of the tub.
dog hair cut

Why Grooming is Healthy

Booking regular appointments for your dog doesn't just keep him pretty, it keeps him healthy and happy. How important is grooming to you and your pet's comfort and health? Click below for the five benefits of professional grooming:
  • Grooming is an opportunity to regularly check the skin and coat. It maintains a healthy coat and skin.
  • Regular ear cleaning and nail trim. Keeping the ears free of wax build up reduce any yeast build up that can cause ear infections. Regular nail trimming keep the paw pads comfortable and reinforce a healthy foot structure and posture.
  • Regularly bathed and properly brushed coats will shed less. Mats are attended to before they are large painful knots.
  • Your pooch will smell and feel great!

Why Grooming is Healthy

How important is grooming to your pet's comfort and health?  Have you ever had your hair in a ponytail that was just a little too tight? Maybe your hair was just bunched up or stuck together? A mat can feel the same way to your dog — a constant pull on the skin. Try to imagine those all over your body, and you have an idea how uncomfortable an ungroomed coat can be.

Your dog doesn't need to know what a mat feels like if you keep him brushed and combed,but that's just the start of the health benefits. Regular grooming allows you to look for lumps, bumps and injuries, all while clearing mats from his coat. Follow up with your veterinarian on any questionable masses you find, and you may detect cancer early enough to save your pet's life.

For shorthaired breeds, keeping skin and coat in good shape is easy. Run your hands over him daily and brush weekly — that's it.

For other breeds, grooming is a little more involved. Breeds such as Collies, Chows, Keeshonden and Alaskan Malamutes are "double-coated," which means they have a downy undercoat underneath a harsher layer of long hair. The down can mat like a layer of felt against the skin if left untended. To prevent this, divide the coat into small sections and brush against the grain from the skin outward, working from head to tail, section by section. In the spring and fall — the big shedding times — you'll end up with enough fluffy undercoat to make a whole new dog. Keep brushing and think of the benefits: The fur you pull out with a brush won't end up on the furniture. Plus, removing the old stuff keeps your pet cooler in the summer and allows new insulation come in for the winter.

Silky-coated dogs such as Afghan Hounds, Cockers and Maltese also need constant brushing to keep tangles from forming. As with the double-coated dogs, work with small sections at a time, brushing from the skin outward, and then comb back into place with the grain for a glossy, finished look. Coats of this type require so much attention that having a groomer keep the dogs trimmed to a medium length is often more practical. In fact, experts say that the pets who shed the least are longhaired dogs kept short-trimmed by a groomer.

Curly and wiry coats, such as those on Poodles and Terriers, need to be brushed weekly, working against the grain and then with it. Curly coats need to be clipped every six weeks; wiry ones, two or three times a year (though clipping every six weeks will keep your Terrier looking sharper).

Good grooming also provides benefits for both of you. Regular grooming relaxes the dog who's used to it, and it becomes a special time that you can both share. A coat free of mats, burrs and tangles and skin free of fleas and ticks are as comfortable to your dog as fresh, clean clothes are to you. It makes you feel good, and the effect is the same for your pet. And, for allergy sufferers, keeping your pooch clean may make having a dog possible.

Prepping your Pooch

How to make sure your dog has a blast at the groomer's

  • Start early!
    As soon as you bring your new dog or puppy home, start getting her used to being handled. Hold her, love her, give her a massage, and make sure to play with her toes and nails!
  • Teach your dog to "stand."
    While knowing how to "sit" or "lay down" on command can be very useful at home, knowing how to "stand" back up is invaluable at the groomer's.
  • Desensitize them to loud noises.
    Get your pet used to remaining calm around loud noises by introducing some loud noises in a relaxed environment and with lots of treats and praise.
  • Don't forget about their teeth!
    Get in the habit of brushing their teeth at home at least twice a week with a soft bristle brush and a paste designed specifically for pets.

About Your Groomer

Meet Kelly Brown, Certified Groomer and Avid Dog Lover

Kelly has been an avid dog lover her entire life. She is now offering to love YOUR dog with the newest in grooming technologies, environmentally friendly products for your dog's skin and the most gentle handling of your dog while in her care.
Kelly received her certification to groom dogs in Loveland Co and along with her 20 years of being in the healthcare industry in Tucson will be a great fit for you, your family and of course your most important fur babies!
Along with being a longtime Tucsonan, Kelly is married and is a super mom with 3 out of 5 kids attending the U of A, only 2 to go! Excellence is her motto.
Last but not least is her Australian labradoodle, Penny Lane.
She hopes that you will let her become your groomer of choice and looks forward to meeting you and your pooch.

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